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Win a signed copy of Chasing Vengeance

Drea Damara is giving away 2 x signed paperbacks of Chasing Vengeance (The Trinity Misisons, Book 1). Book 2 releases in August 2019. Just RSVP to enter the giveaway.
Date:Friday, April 5, 2019
Time:6AM until Sunday, April 21, 2019 at 7AM EST
Last Activity:Apr 17th 2019

Author Drea Damara is giving away 2 x signed copies of the first installment of her espionage thriller series, Chasing Vengeance (The Trinity Missions, Book 1).  Book 2, No Death for the Wicked, is scheduled to release in August 2019.  

How to enter:

  • Register for an account on Page Dropper (we don't send out newsletters or notifications - you're welcome!)
  • Select RSVP on this event so Drea can keep track of who entered and how to contact the winners.

About the book:

Never reveal your secrets...

Trinity, an intelligence organization known only through whispers, specializes in covert action. Heading up this modern-day operation is founder Gerry Strakner and his team of skilled misfits. The key to staying alive lies within their code: never divulge your greatest fears or darkest secrets. But sometimes the past refuses to stay buried...

While his organization is under attack, Gerry must let his favorite operative, Caria, fend for herself against a vicious arms dealer. When he learns that she is caught in the crosshairs, his only hope is he's taught her enough to stay alive. Now Gerry must call in an old favor to save Caria.

Ivan Skavinsk, a reclusive mercenary, is the one man skilled enough to infiltrate the playing field of assassins.  But which side is he truly working for? Does loyalty have an expiration date or will deception burn everyone within its reach?


"Drea knows her stuff. Undercover operatives, mercenaries, overseas conflicts... I feel I got smarter reading this story, like I got to share in a little bit of the author's brain! FYI - read the foreword! From 90% until the end of the Epilogue, I don't know if I even breathed. Excellent writing, plot development, wonderful characters, heartbreak and intrigue. I hope it gets the publicity if deserves!"  

- Goodreads review

"A fast paced read from start to finish that is very hard to put down. It makes you want the next installment immediately without leaving you on a cliffhanger. I love that!"  - The Romance Reviews

About the author:

Drea Damara grew up in Illinois, working on her family's farm. Raised in a home of seven with only one television, she spent most of her time roaming the woods and reading. Her love of fiction inspired her passion for writing, however, she put it aside to join the military. After she completed her Army enlistment, she returned to the Middle East, conducting similar work as a civilian.

She enjoys writing in multiple genres and is also the author of the Blinney Lane series about a cursed street in salem that has the power to open other worlds. The first installment, The Weeping Books of Blinney Lane released in September 2018 and is available worldwide. 

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