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REVIEW COPIES: Wrath of the Exiled by DN Pillay

Book 1 of the YA Fantasy series the Anmorian Legends
Date:Monday, January 13, 2020
Time:11AM until Sunday, March 8, 2020 at 1AM CST
Last Activity:Jan 13th

EVENT:  Author D.N. Pillay is making available 30 copies in .mobi format of his book Wrath of the Exiled (The Anmorian Legends Book 1) to our members in exchange for reviews.

GENRE: YA Fantasy / Coming of Age Fantasy

How to request a copy:  Just RSVP as "attending" to this event listing and Mr. Pillay will contact you to arrange getting you your review copy.  

Posting Reviews: We ask that you post a review on at least one site, such as Amazon or Goodreads.  Additional sites where you can post are LibraryThing, the Listy App, your personal blog, and here on Page Dropper. 

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About the book:

His world long since shattered following the invasion of his home planet, Rezaaran Valhara is abandoned by fate to slavery. However, his fortunes take an unexpected turn when he is offered a chance to join the Intergalactic Revolution of Independent Systems in the ongoing war against the Obsidian Dominion.

Initially consumed by anger and doubts, plagued by the memories of his parents' murder and a desire for vengeance, Rezaaran suppresses these demons in the pursuit of a purer purpose to restore peace as he becomes the last War-Mage of the fabled Vokarii.

On a quest spanning the galaxy Rezaaran begins to unravel the secrets of the four realms of Anmor and his destiny in an ancient battle.Yet his greatest challenge will be within. Will he find the strength to walk the path of a hero?

** Mr. Pillay is also making copies of book 2 of this series available. It is in a second event listing on our Events page.

- Thank you DN Pillay for making these review copies available to our members!

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