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Louis K Lowy Linda Marie
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RSVP: May 14th

REVIEW COPIES: The Second Life of Eddie Coyne

Author Louis K. Lowy has 10 digital copies of his upcoming release available for review.
Date:Thursday, April 25, 2019
Time:5AM until Sunday, May 26, 2019 at 6AM EST
Last Activity:May 14th

READ FOR REVIEW event hosted by author Louis K. Lowy - The Second Life of Eddie Coyne

Author Louis K. Lowy is making 10 x digital copies of his upcoming release, The Second Life of Eddie Coyne, available in exchange for a honest reviews. If you would like to request to read this title for review, just select "Attending" under the RSVP tab to the left of this event announcement so Louis knows who to contact and other members can keep track of how many people have requested this title.

Louis will contact those who RSVP by their email address listed on their PageDropper profile (if you have it set as available to other members) or he will send a message to your PageDropper inbox (which sends you an email).  

Where to post your review:

Reviewers can email their review to us at [email protected] so we can post it in our book review newsletter and are also encouraged to post on locations like the book's Goodreads page, Amazon, and wherever else your generous reviewer heart feels like posting.  

About the book:

A dying gambler who takes on one final bet for the ultimate prize—a chance to save his soul.
Eddie Coyne loves playing the horses. Loves it so much it's ruining his relationship with his wife and six-year-old son. In a last ditch effort to prove he’s not a loser in their eyes, Eddie places a seemingly impossible bet on a long shot and hits pay dirt.
But before he can cash in and make amends with his family, he’s thrown down an escalator and left for dead by a greedy hoodlum looking to cash in on Eddie’s winnings. Dying, Eddie wakes up in the presence of the Jesses, a monolithic group of six whose job it is to decide who enters heaven and who enters hell. The Jesses tell Eddie he's stuck in the middle—not good enough for heaven, not bad enough for hell. They entice him to go in on one final bet to break the dead heat.
If he triumphs, they stamp his ticket to paradise. If he loses, he spends eternity in the netherworld. The bet? Eddie must prevent someone chosen by the Jesses from taking their own life. Thinking it will be a piece of cake, Eddie agrees. He quickly learns the Jesses are more cunning than he'd imagined.

Formats available:  .mobi/Kindle, .epub

Release date: 5/27/19 (it is not mandatory that you have your review completed/posted prior to release, but of course is appreciate)

Page count: 245           

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Thank you members for reading for review - let's show Louis and his upcoming release some support. And thank you to Louis for offering us review copies of your new book!  Happy reading everyone 

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