Spotlight on ERIN HAHN

Guess who we tracked down?

Yep, none other than the debut author that's smashing onto the literary scene, Erin Hahn. Her hit YA novel, You'd Be Mine, released April 2nd this year and is warming its way into both young and old hearts across the globe.  

We're pleased to launch our first Booktography Contest on Page Dropper and we can't think of a better cover and story for our first contest than You'd Be Mine

Erin herself is going to judge the contest so you get the chance to impress the author with your booktography skills. Just register on our site and then you can upload your booktography (book photo, bookselfie, etc.) of You'd Be Mine to the comments box under the You'd Be Mine event listing on our Events page. 

Ms. Hahn will pick her favorite YBM Booktography at the close of the contest.  No pressure, Erin. No pressure!

How awesome is that?

Well, it's super awesome because not only is she going to lend her judging skills, she's going to personally send the winner a signed copy of You'd Be Mine AND a signed copy of the album cover of her characters' band, Under The Willows. 


This event is over. Congrats to the lucky Page Dropper winner, "True". Erin loved your cosplay portayal of Clay Coolidge!  

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