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GIVEAWAY WINNERS: Stepsister by Jennifer Donnelly Tags: giveaway winners winners stepsister pagedropper

One of our June giveaways has ended and we punched in the entrants to our random number generator to select a winner.  Here is who that magic machine selected:  Hawtmess and Hannah

Congrats to you both!

We have sent you an email asking for you to let us know which format of Stepsister by Jennifer Donnelly you would like, as this was a reader's choice giveaway.  Let us know and we'll get you your winning copies.  

Thanks for entering everyone.  We'll be looking for something with a patriotic theme for our July giveaway so check back or watch out for our newsletter once the giveaways have posted.  There's still time to enter the other June giveaways, so go RSVP if you haven't already.  

Happy reading!


GIVEAWAY WINNERS: Effie Kamenou's Gift Saga Tags: giveaway winners winners giveaways

Sorry for the delay in posting this. The good weather is finally here and I have a wicked cold! Effie Kammenou has likely already contacted the winners as she is very prompt and loves her fans, but I wanted to post an announcement here.

Thank you all for participating in Effie's giveaway.  The following are winners of Effie's Gift Saga giveaway:






Congrats to you all! And thank you Effie for sharing this wonderful giveaway with us.  Be sure to leave her a review somewhere once you get a chance to read her books.  There's no better way to say thank you than sharing your thoughts for other readers to see.  

Giveaway Winners: Chasing Vengeance Tags: giveaway winners giveaways

Congrats to PageDropper members LindaMarie and DolphinBaby.

They were the winners of a signed copy of Chasing Vengeance by Drea Damara. 

Winners will be contacted via email by the author to get mailing addresses for your books.  Thanks for entering our giveaways everyone.  Keep checking back as we will keep searching for more to bring to you.  

Welcome to Page Dropper Tags: page dropper book clubs book club book chat book site book reviews

Thanks for checking out PAGE DROPPER. In a nutshell, this a site for book lovers where they can control the content and chat about books in real time.  

You can create your own blog title to mirror one you may already have. Repost content from your book blogs under your title to share with other members here and reach a larger audience. 

Schedule book club live chat sessions to talk in real time with your book group if you can't meet in person.  This a great way to start online book clubs and still be able to interact with book club members.

Share your book reviews in our discussion board section or other book related content.

Schedule book events on our events page or look there for book giveaways.  You can post a multitude of things on the events page, such as requests for group reads/buddy reads for a particular book and then schedule a book chat session.  

Make this site your own and thanks for stopping by.  

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