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Review: Wind Chime Wedding by Sophie Moss
Category: JUST A GIRL
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Review of Wind Chime Wedding by USA Today Award winning author Sophie Moss

Speaking as a veteran, I was highly impressed and grateful that Sophie Moss is the first author I’ve found who could actually nail what it feels like to be a veteran and the issues that are very real and important to them. Many books try to capture the essence of military life, the terminology, and the persona, yet most fail by trying to create overly-machismo characters in ridiculous situations, using generic phrases, and hyped-up resumes – not Sophie Moss, she gets it. Moss portrays a veteran in a realistic manner and fully captures issues important to them in a way that makes you feel neither ashamed or embarrassed to be a veteran or enjoy this beautiful story. Equally refreshing, the author has created the kind of story that makes you feel like you are the one falling in love.

Wind Chime Wedding is the story of Becca – a woman on the cusp of her long-overdue wedding to her childhood sweetheart, and a veteran trying to find his place in the “civilian world”. Sophie Moss creates an entire island of scented, swaying, and living scenery that you can both hear and taste as you walk down the docks and streets of Heron Island. Wind Chime Wedding introduces you to a community that becomes your friends and neighbors, playing out like a film of some peaceful place you have long lost. The character development of young and old in Wind Chime Wedding was obviously well-thought out through the heart and soul of the author – you quickly understand why she is a multiple award-winner. It’s amazing how many different issues Sophie tackles so effectively in this gem of a story – readers can feel themselves evolve on several levels through the struggles of her jump-off-the-pages characters. This is one of those books where you forget that you are reading, being pulled into a vortex of a world and faces you want to see to the end.

You can find more of Sophie's works here, including the prequel to Wind Chime Wedding, Wind Chime Cafe!

Review: Josh's Challenge by Elise Manion
Category: JUST A GIRL
Tags: book reviews elise manion joshs challenge king brothers josh's challenge bhc press

Please forgive me, the adventures of pregnancy, motherhood, and raising a toddler have infringed on my book reviewing the past year and a half.  However, I'm happy the first book I read after the reading drought was Josh's Challenge by Elise Manion.  It is the last installment of her King Brothers series and I was eagerly awaiting its release and some "me time" to sit down and read it.  Congratulations to me, I finally did it ;)

Without further adieu:

joshs_challenge_fc_webThis was such a great ending to this terrific series. I love Manion's use of humor and the artful way she writes flirtations for burgeoning relationships. She has such a talent for witty, charming dialogue and lovable, endearing characters. Like the other King brothers novels, I devoured this book in record time. It brought me more than a laugh and flutter to my heart.

Josh King is the youngest of the rowdy, wise-cracking King brothers. Known for sewing his wild oats he's kept a secret through all his years of carousing: the one woman he wanted, he couldn't figure out how to get. Now that Melissa Theroux has moved back to town, he's determined to do whatever it takes to make her want him. Melissa, however, has let her social awkwardness turn into social anxiety over the years and is better at running away than having a conversation. To top it off, someone besides Josh is out to get her and not in a good way.



manion ransom noteThere was a surprising sub-romance to the story that had me screaming for more at the end of the book - literally. I will send the author my demands in unmarked envelopes, using letters clipped from magazines until she realizes how imperative it is that she writes a fourth book or spin-off for Melissa's sister. Until then I will just have to come up with my own pathetic idea of what happened to that poor woman. But if the worst thing you have to say about a book is that you want more, that's the best worst thing someone can possibly say.

The thing I love most about Manion's writing is that she isn't dirty or graphic and still spins unforgettable, sexy scenes and romances that leave you smitten and totally immersed. I love it when I'm forced to say, "awe", and I did with this book - only a damned good romance writer can do that.

A funny, sexy, and sweet suspense that immediately went on my favorites list. I'd recommend the King Brothers series to fans of Debbie Macomber, Elizabeth Lowell, Diane Palmer, or Johanna Lindsay.

You can read an excerpt of Josh's Challenge, check out info on the first two books in the series, and access a list of purchase links for various retailers for the book via Manion's publisher's page here.

Elise Manion's website and her blog.

And here are the other books in this series:













Drea Damara

Happy reading!  - Drea


Drea Damara is the author of the Blinney Lane series and the Trinity Missions series and is an occasional blogger of useless information.

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