Types of Author Events


This is a great site/venue that authors can use to live chat about their books with readers. We suggest offering some free for review copies and then selecting a date when you will be available for LIVE CHAT. We will post it as an event where members can RSVP so you can see how many will be attending the chatroom on the day of your event. You don't have to offer freebies, but it is a nice perk for our members. 


Want to make your giveaway more interesting or challenging? Get creative and have a bookselfie contest or a quote contest. We will post this as an event on our events page and our members can reply with their comment or photo for you to judge. You pick the winner at the end of the contest and award them with whatever author swag you like.  


Authors of all genres are welcome to participate in our cover of the month contest. Just add your photo to your profile's photo library and then go to our Image Library page where you will find a folder for Cover of the Month Nominations.  Readers can also nominate covers.  Authors, please do not repeatedly submit your book for cover of the month - we ask that you only submit each book once per year.  

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